Our plan is to assign one Agent on a full time basis to your properties. Each building would be visited 2-3 times per week without exception. The Agent would oversee the daily operations of the property, meet with tenants that have rent arrears or maintenance issues as well as attend court hearings. Our Agents also work evenings and Saturdays to meet with residents that are difficult to contact during normal working hours. Our belief is to meet with the residents on all issues to avoid having problems unnecessarily escalate.

Within our main office an account representative will be assigned to the properties so that your tenants can call in with questions on rent payments and lease renewals. All tenant complaints are immediately documented and then forwarded to the Agent via email. The agents all carry a smartphone and have the ability to respond to tenant issues while in the field as opposed to returning to the office to retrieve them.

At Metropolitan we also take tight control of building purchasing. With a strong belief in the concept that “every penny counts” we have created an extremely regimented purchase order system that assists in decreasing unnecessary cost and waste. Additionally, (with the permission of the owner) all service contracts and insurance policies are routinely bid out so that we remain competitive with the market.

Other Factors That Make Us Different:


  • Monthly reconciled accounting reports by the 15th – 20th of the month.
  • A detailed legal tracking system.
  • Availability of key employees to our clients or their representatives to review your questions.
  • We work with an array of accountants and financial representatives.

Checks & Balances:

  • Detailed purchase order system to control inventory abuse & excessive billing.
  • Work order system for building employees.
  • Required Roof to basement inspections by building agents.
  • Detailed invoice review and sign off procedures that include 3 to 4 independent reviews.
  • Our executive staff makes routine (and surprise) visits to all properties.

Commitment to efficiency and your bottom line:

  • Monthly meetings with all building agents to discuss current market issues, new laws and relevant industry developments.
  • Regular cost comparison of all building products.
  • Use of our economies of scale to provide superior product and pricing for our clients.
  • Review of building infrastructure.
  • Consistent reinvestment in Management infrastructure.

Our Agents and Our Office Team

  • Our Agents are put through a detailed training and review process. They are well educated in all of the industry issues and possess an impressive array of personal and mechanical skills. They are required to stay abreast of industry practices and standards.
  • We encourage and sometimes require that our internal staff participate in internal and external training activities that will help them maintain and enhance their job performance and in turn provide our property owners exceptional service.
  • While we have never needed it, MPS bonds all of its employees and carries E & O Insurance.

Our Executive Staff

We are proud to boast about the diverse and well educated members of our team. From impressive formal degrees in Real Estate to hands on experience working with the foremost management, accounting and legal firms in the industry, we provide detailed guidance and control to meet the client’s needs.

The Benefit to You by selecting MPS

MPS offers “hands on” management of a property; comprehensive checks and balances so as to provide you the owner solid bottom line results/profitability

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Our goal is to give the owner peace of mind by providing exceptional service so that the property is managed to the owner’s expectations with respect to profitability; appearance and efficient cost/expense management.